Why Hudson Valley Message Bureau?? Because Your Business Is on The Line . . .
atsi award for excellence - 8 years
Only Area Company with 10 consecutive Awards of Excellence

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Telephone Answering, Voice Mail, Paging and Peace of Mind

In today's world of machines and computers, sometimes there is just no substitute for talking to a real person.

Expand your business with Telephone Answering Service the way you want it - professional, friendly, and accurate -- message taking, call relaying, appointment scheduling, dispatch and more.

Live independently, freely, and confidently in your home with the Companion Program, Personal Emergency Response System, from Academy and Hudson Valley Message Bureau.

Hudson Valley Message Bureau's Central Alarm Monitoring Station is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, powered by high-speed digital processors and backed up with redundant systems.

Pagers and paging services to meet the needs of a range of professions including medical and emergency services.

Voice mail for your business, with the newest technology and most advanced systems available.

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